plane take-off

Almost doesn’t count…Almost, a vengeful tale with a sprinkle of bloodthirst. Andy’s rocky marriage was over. Not anymore. If he reaches the airport in time, he’ll get another chance. But it won’t be easy. Bad luck will push him to the limit, and beyond. If he snaps, the marriage won’t end in divorce, but death.

Verona’s Scorn

Horror dragon in fantasy world


Hell hath no fury…Verona’s Scorn, the action-packed tale of the ultimate betrayal. Queen Verona kidnapped Naruto’s sister, destroying his life. The time has come for revenge. But the bloodthirsty queen is ready. She wields the dark past his family locked away. Is Verona the cold, calculated villain he remembers, or a victim caught in a web of deception? The truth will be revealed.

NOTE: This story is not anime or linked to the anime character Naruto.

I’m Not Infected

female zombie

The only survivor is dead…I’m Not Infected, British horror from a unique perspective. Justina Prentice’s hangover ends with a zombie attack. But she doesn’t die. Trapped between a human mind and a monster body, she battles to stay in control. Soon the infected will be the least of her worries. Time is running out. Twenty-four hours remain…